Facebook Fatigue and a Few Other Things


Is anyone else getting just a little overwhelmed with the whole Facebook/Twitter thing, or is it just me (that’s rhetorical – we’re not on Facebook right now, so you don’t have to really answer it, or, even worse, press the “like” button)? We spend so much of our time posting things about ourselves, or watching the endless parade of other people’s posts, or watching for people’s posts about us, it seems like there’s no time left to – well…live! In the last few weeks alone, I’ve seen people congratulating themselves for the following things: finishing a book; cooking a meal successfully; taking a vacation; and, well, working like everyone else. Have we nothing better to do as a society than to post photos of our restaurant meals – it’s like being trapped in a room watching a succession of holiday family snapshots, except you have to press a button every time to say you “liked” it, or, God forbid, everyone will stop “liking” your mind-numbing self -obsessed, self-reflective posts. When you’re a baby, of course you’re congratulated for your first bowel movement, but does everyone need assurance for everything once they move past that level*? This may be one reason America is in so much trouble – we’ve become a nation of infants,  burying our heads in our toys and gadgets, hoping that the endless babble of the “net” will drown out our real problems. And with that, I have to go check and see if I have any new messages….

*(Guilty, your honor! But that’s probably why I stand on a stage for a living waiting for applause….)

Ken Peplowski